Mobile capture identification verification

The future of identification verification is mobile. With a capture device in your pocket, you can quickly and easily verify your identity. This technology is convenient, efficient, and secure.


Simply scan your government issued document to get started.

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Residence Permit
  • National Identity Card
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A quick video recording will validate your identity.

  • iOS / iPadOS
  • Android
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Create your PINs for authentication and signing. Enable biometrics for ease of use

  • Leversign
  • SupplierPlus
  • VisionCraft
  • Ask about batch signing options
Download now on your iOS or Android device
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Why Choose LeverID?

Tomorrow’s Digital ID solution you can already trust to deliver today

Resilient by Design

The advent of quantum computing brings new security challenges. LeverID's unique cryptography delivers greater resilience than ever.

Large Scalability Built In

Product design and infrastructure configuration enable vast scalability even by utilization of hundreds of millions of users.

Reliable & Robust Architecture

Our infrastructure meets strict structural, privacy, and security standards. High Availability Architecture ensures uninterrupted service.

Rapid Transaction Speed

Thanks to our ability to use shorter keys, our transactions speeds are markedly swifter than those in RSA-based solutions.

Integration with Ease

For Relying Parties, we have a clearly documented API that assists with integration of LeverID into your own client application.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Designed with mobile users in mind, our solution allows you to authenticate and sign effortlessly, from anywhere in the world.

Fully Customizable Approach

Our modular solution allows for white label readiness, enabling configuration to suit any country’s specific digital transformation strategy.

Enhanced Employee Onboarding

Borderless single authentication provides reliable access for cross-nation employees to relevant documentation in a secured environment.

Data Security & Ownership

Robust architecture ensures protection of your employee data, enabling you to remain GDPR-compliant and resist unauthorised access.

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Future-ready Digital Identity & Signature Platform

Combining a unique cryptographic algorithm with our resilient DualKey™ management, LeverID sets a new industry standard for a robust, secure, and scalable digital authentication and signature service.