DualKey™ Management

By combining cryptographic keys in our novel and unique way, your identity and data are more secure than ever.

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Cutting Edge

DualKey is the term we use to describe the advanced certificate management process of combining a user’s cryptographic key and our HSM’s cryptographic key.

Without getting into the higher mathematics of it here, you can think of it as a way of producing a more secure method of proving that users are who they say they are, therefore protecting identity and preserving the integrity of any information two parties wish to share securely.

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Unlocking Innovation

Traditionally, Public Key Infrastructure, or ‘PKI’, relies on one public key and one private key, which are related to each other cryptographically.

LeverID’s solution takes this traditional model and boosts it with an extra layer of security, by requiring the user’s device to communicate with our HSM's keys, in order to complete an authentication or signature event.

This creates a multiple-level dependency that not only relies on the client’s device but also on our high security infrastructure, with increased reliability.

Benefits of DualKey™ Management

Superior security

A digital signature is protected on a level far beyond that offered by the traditional digital identity solutions widely offered today.

Increased strength

Our unique DualKey certificate management solution introduces far superior security and scalability than RSA-based versions.

Better for everyone

Utilizing fewer resources, saves you time and energy, as well as meeting your needs for a solution that improves all your processes.

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Future-ready Digital Identity & Signature Platform

Combining a unique cryptographic algorithm with our resilient DualKey™ management, LeverID sets a new industry standard for a robust, secure, and scalable digital authentication and signature service.