Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm

EdDSA, or 'Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm', is a more complex mathematical method of key generation than that used by RSA-based solutions.

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Next-gen Key Generation

EdDSA is increasingly popular amongst eID providers conscious of the outdatedness of RSA solutions. That said, even today, over 80% of cryptography-based digital solutions rely on RSA technology from the 1970s!

LeverID’s specific and patent-pending EdDSA method utilises ‘ed25519’, which results in smaller [i.e. shorter] keys.

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Reliable and Robust

Our smaller keys provide a superior level of reliability and robustness - literally more security with less resource. Our algorithm takes certification management to new and unprecedented levels.

The LeverID solution uses its own HSMs, which introduces a level of reassurance that even the largest corporations or national government can rely on.

Benefits of EdDSA vs RSA

Greater efficiency

Reduces the technical burden on system hardware, resulting in quicker end-output, as well as a more time and energy efficient process.

Increased strength

We use ed25519, a discrete algorithm which creates keys that are more secure and durable than RSA’s more simplified method.

Better for everyone

Utilizing fewer resources, saves you time and energy, as well as meeting your needs for a solution that improves all your processes.

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Future-ready Digital Identity & Signature Platform

Combining a unique cryptographic algorithm with our resilient DualKey™ management, LeverID sets a new industry standard for a robust, secure, and scalable digital authentication and signature service.