Secure Gateway for Access to all Digital e-Services

A single digital identity & signature solution makes everyday life for citizens and residents easier, much more time/cost efficient and provides access to a vast array of interconnected services.

Why do governments choose LeverID

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Resilient by Design

The advent of quantum computing brings new security challenges. LeverID's unique cryptography delivers greater resilience than ever.

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Large Scalability Built In

Product design and infrastructure configuration enable vast scalability even by utilization of hundreds of millions of users.

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Reliable & Robust Architecture

Our infrastructure meets strict structural, privacy, and security standards. High Availability Architecture ensures uninterrupted service.

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Rapid Transaction Speed

Thanks to our ability to use shorter keys, our transactions speeds are markedly swifter than those in RSA-based solutions.

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Fully Customizable Approach

Our modular solution allows for white label readiness, enabling configuration to suit any country’s specific digital transformation strategy.

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Optimized for Mobile Devices

Designed with mobile users in mind, our solution allows you to authenticate and sign effortlessly, from anywhere in the world.

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Designed for Interoperability

Once a person has verified their identity with LeverID, they will never have to re-verify their identity again across any government institution where LeverID is integrated.

Tax Declarations
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Property Management
Establish a Business
LeverID - for Digital Nations

Citizens from nations of all sizes and on all continents can benefit from digitalization on a societal level, with ROI potential that can improve economies.

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Easy, Every day, for Everyone

Citizens from all demographics and social groups can use LeverID with ease to validate identity, to authenticate & sign documents and to confirm transactions - convenience at your fingertips.

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Future-ready…by Design!

Most eID solutions are based on technology created in the 1970s. LeverID could see the impending threat of quantum computing and, thanks to our utterly unique cryptography, we have faster computation capability, greater quantum resilience, higher security, and scalability built-in. We’re already years ahead of everyone else and we know our product is more advanced than others…precisely because we designed it to be.

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Based on Patent-Pending Technology

LeverID is based on patent-pending technology, thereby forging the path for new industry standards, as well as yielding sustainability.

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Levercode’s mission is to assist governments globally to provide reliable data governance systems that maximise efficiency and make life easier for all citizens. LeverID sits at the heart of it all.

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