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LeverID is a modular solution that can be effortlessly integrated by businesses of all sizes, as well as provide a frictionless experience for end-users.

Build the perfect digital solution

With LeverID as the beating heart of your e-service provision, whether you’re focused on digital signatures, document management or identity verification, be assured that our solution does the heavy lifting for you - just as we designed it to.

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Signature Collections

Enabling remote signature collection from 3rd parties, increasing integrity of stored documents

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Digital Signing

Swift and secure signing, timestamping and validation of documents, files, contracts, etc.

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Confirming users' identities through various approved authentication methods

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Remote KYC

Providing remote validation services, giving mutual assurance for you and your customers.

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Frictionless Integration

Our API has been created from the ground up to ensure your own developers can utilize and integrate them effortlessly into your own systems.

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Future-readiness Built-in

We’re committed to full compliance with the highest levels of regulatory requirements. When they change, don’t worry, we’ll update LeverID for you.

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Cost-effective Solutions

We have different tiers of API, depending on the volume of KYC, authentication, or signature events that your infrastructure might need. Affordability and flexibility with ROI benefit.

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Borderless Digitalization Services

LeverID has been designed to improve the way in which cross-border contractual activity operates. With our truly globally scalable solution, we’re ready to show you how.

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