The Concept Behind LeverID

LeverID is a Post-Quantum Capable Digital Identity and Signature Platform that’s designed to provide a single universal authentication and signing medium for government and business verticals. 

If individuals happen to hold a Government-issued identification document (either a passport or some sort of identity card), LeverID can be added on top of it, providing a true digital identity.

Since LeverID is offered as a white-label solution, countries and organizations can customize (for example, rename and rebrand) the platform in order to suit their needs.

In order to respond to the call of modern technology trends, LeverID was designed as a mobile-first application making it usable wherever you happen to find yourself, provided you have access to an internet connection.

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Our Core Team

The team behind LeverID largely extends the flanks of Levercode, the company responsible for the creation of the platform itself.

Based on a Partnership Agreement with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), we have also involved world-renowned Associated Experts from institutes of computer science and software science, as well as a pantheon of leading industry experts from other technology companies.

Gustav Poola


Close to 30 years of diverse experience in the IT technologies, e-platforms, board level integration, large infrastructure development, risk management, and computer science technology markets. He holds international SCRUM Master, Data Protection Officer (DPO), and Money Laundering Risk in Private Banking certificates. Co-author of several patents.

Oskar Poola


Expert of Analysis of Digital Integrity for Cloud Service Provider platforms. He also excels in Government and commercial e-Governance solutions, technologies, and methods of implementation as well as and digital integrity-oriented application solutions.

Tarmo Kõuhkna

Head of Levercode Lab & Research, MBA

Entrepreneurship professional, Kõuhkna is expert in medical device, mobile communication, renewable energy, and environment industries. Currently, he is engaged in the fields of e-governance, digital identity, and healthcare data systems.

Kalle Kuuspalu

System Process Architect, MSc

Seasoned international technology expert and consultant on integrating IT systems and optimizing workflows by different technologies like Electronic Data Interchange and Process Mining.

Sergei Zamsharski

Chief Product Officer, B.Sc IT

Seasoned product manager with strong technical background on developing complete solutions in telecommunication, logistics, banking and security areas.

Riho Kruuv

Head of Strategic Relations, MA

Former diplomat and Estonian Ambassador, Kruuv is expert in global affairs, public policy, Government relations, Digital Transformation, and international business. Avid promoter of e-Governance.

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