About Us

LeverID sets a new industry standard for more robust, secure, and scalable digital authentication and signature. Meet the people behind its creation, driving the digital [r]evolution.

We’re on a mission to facilitate the transition to a simple and secure digital identity landscape…globally.

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Our vision is a world of interconnectedness/interoperability through robust, efficient, simple and trustworthy digital transformation. The time and energy released for individuals, business and entire nations to use more adventurously helps bring us closer together, with improved communication for all.

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Building solutions that will stand the test of time through diverse thinking.

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Working as a collective is the key pillar that allows us to grow as a team, and as individuals.

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Honesty with each other and our clients ensures all-around success.


Who we are

Featuring some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry, our team is unmatched in its ability to solve complex problems. We’re constantly creating and evolving new and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the digital identity landscape.

With our dedication to providing best-in-market products we’re helping to redefine that landscape, as we push the digital [r]evolution towards new territory that creates a more accessible and robust digital world more for more people than ever before.