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Future-ready Digital Identity & Signature Platform

Combining a unique cryptographic algorithm with our resilient DualKey™ management, LeverID sets a new industry standard for a robust, secure, and scalable digital authentication and signature service.

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Digital Identification

In the digital world, proving our identity requires a trustworthy digital ID that lets us into a whole host of online services, such as e-banking or i-voting.

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Digital Authentication

With LeverID, we prove that you exist remotely. It acts like a passport into the digital world, enabling authentication across all sectors and verticals.

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Digital Signature

We all recognize the ‘legitimacy’ of a wet signature - pen on paper. With authenticated digital identity, our digital signature can now be equally legitimate and binding.

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Build the perfect solution with our API

We understand that flexibility is key in meeting your own business needs, therefore we can ensure that your app-based platform at your end can be just as reliable and user-friendly as it is at ours.

To assist with integration of LeverID into your own client application, we’ve documented a clear API.

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Corporate solutions

LeverID is a modular solution, allowing private sector companies of any size to carry out tasks like employee onboarding, identity and transaction authentication, or contract signature more efficiently and effortlessly, as well as providing greater transparency and accountability.

  • Enhanced Employee Onboarding
  • Data Security & Ownership
  • Ease of Integration
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Government solutions

LeverID provides safe, robust, and inclusive access to a host of government services for each citizen and resident, greatly increasing interoperability potential between departments or ministries by facilitating best-practice, healthy, and data-centered approaches to registries and any other data exchanges.

  • Reliable, Risk-mitigated Architecture
  • Industry-leading Transaction Speeds
  • Scalability to Billions of Potential Users
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Why Choose LeverID?

Tomorrow’s Digital ID solution you can already trust to deliver today

Resilient by Design

The increased pace of computing evolution poses new security challenges. LeverID’s unique cryptography delivers greater resilience than ever.

Large Scalability Built In

Product design and infrastructure configuration enable vast scalability even by utilization of hundreds of millions of users.

Reliable & Robust Architecture

Our infrastructure meets strict structural, privacy, and security standards. High Availability Architecture ensures uninterrupted service.

Rapid Transaction Speed

Thanks to our ability to use shorter keys, our transactions speeds are markedly swifter than those in RSA-based solutions.

Integration with Ease

For Relying Parties, we have a clearly documented API that assists with integration of LeverID into your own client application.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Designed with mobile users in mind, our solution allows you to authenticate and sign effortlessly, from anywhere in the world.

Fully Customizable Approach

Our modular solution allows for white label readiness, enabling configuration to suit any country’s specific digital transformation strategy.

Enhanced Employee Onboarding

Borderless single authentication provides reliable access for cross-nation employees to relevant documentation in a secured environment.

Data Security & Ownership

Robust architecture ensures protection of your employee data, enabling you to remain GDPR-compliant and resist unauthorised access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of the questions we’re most often asked. Follow the link for the rest!

LeverID is tomorrow’s Digital Single Identity & Signature solution that you can already trust today. Powered by our unique ‘DualKey™’ cryptographic algorithm, designed to meet the demanding needs of governments and businesses alike, and across all verticals, our robust, efficient, and quantum-resilient functionality ensures a future-ready, scalable, and (for B2B clients) customizable white label platform, offering you unrivalled security for your digital transformation strategy.

Acting as your passport into the world of digital identity authentication and confirmation, LeverID enables you to prove your identity and provide digital signatures. Our cutting-edge product offers a single access point across multiple digital entry levels; whether it’s signing a contract at work, logging into your e-bank or even voting in your local elections. All that in the convenience of an app too - reliability in the digital world at your fingertips…literally!

We didn’t just build an app though, we created a whole infrastructure, with in-built security at the very core - from server management to systems audit to security at every level - and our dev team boasts over a century’s worth of top-level product know-how. Even many major Fortune 500 companies lack this degree of security, redundancy, and functionality - it’s ‘big-boy-infra’, ready for global scalability…now!

LeverID itself reflects the way we function as a company; we have an industry-leading set of expertise and talent, with proven product development capability.

The short version is surprisingly and reassuringly simple - it’s a gateway between an end user and any individual, business or organization needing assurance that you are who you say you are - and that they are who you need them to be.

Any transaction or contractual exchange can be processed using digital identification, authentication and signature. How?

Your personal identity is verified through a Registration Authority and a Certification Authority, aka ‘Know YourCustomer' (or KYC) protocol. By using a recognised document with a unique personal code and/or document number, issued by a trusted and authorised national source such as a government agency, you register yourself in our platform. Your digital identity is then protected by a fail-safe verification system and linked to your specific smart device via PINs that you yourself create.

The only person who should know your PINs is you - not even we will know them! What our product does is to create the safe environment in which the real magic happens…the PINs unlock the encrypted layers which form your digital identity.

LeverID generates ‘keys’, using industry-leading cryptographic methods unique to us and which are already many years ahead of our competitors. Once your identity is registered, verified and protected, the interface between you and other parties requiring your digital authentication and signature is simpler even than username/password systems (certainly more secure)…because we’ve already done the hard part for you.

Then you can move between contracts and authentications digitally; i-voting, paying a bill through the bank, creating/paying invoices, accessing your health records, completing onboarding at a new job, filing your tax return…so many other things - simply, safely, handily.

It’s about as secure as it can be - and certainly more secure than other similar digital identification, authentication and signature products. How? Well, the concept of e-authentication relies on complex mathematical algorithms, using a method of encryption that produces ‘pairs of combined keys’ to produce a digital identity which is as close to impossible to breaking as makes little practical difference.

We run an advanced mathematical algorithm. Any input generating identical output creates the correct keys to unlock the public and private keys. The two public keys are mashed together and run through the algorithm again, ending up with the final set of key pairs which make up your digital identity.

You would need three levels of reverse input to recreate that split-key security, namely; the original public key on the phone, the original private key on our server and the precise algorithm - not to mention a ton of time and state-of-the-art-futuristic-quantum-machine!

Each extra layer of security combines to hinder recreation of your digital identity. Not even we can do so without the keys that are held only by you, on your own device.

LeverID uses an encryption and combination methodology which is not only unique to us, but is also designed to be resilient to the threat posed by quantum computing potential, with billions of possible permutations and an extra layer of security in that we hold one key on our side and the certifying authority holds one on the other - that’s what we call ‘DualKeyTM’.

The only realistic way for your LeverID to be compromised is if you disclose your PINs and if they have access to your registered device.

In that respect, your LeverID is as secure as you make it - cos we’ve already done the hard part for you…

We trust this reassures you - if however you’re at all concerned about the security of any data we hold about you, take a look at our Privacy Notice here for more reassuring info!

We're currently able to offer LeverID in 69 countries, across 6 continents (not needed in the Antarctic - yet!), which meet the security requirements, i.e. the ability to link photo ID documents to your identity.

LeverID is working on ways to support more nations to come on board, as they develop their digital transformation strategy.

As long as you meet the criteria for documents and ID codes, you can download and use LeverID. See the full list of nations and document criteria here.

Download the app from Google Play or AppStore and register today - you’ll be done in under three minutes ☺️

You only need one form of official identification that has a picture of you on it. For example, a driver’s license, a passport or a government-issued national identity card should do it - as long as you are in any of the 69 countries in which we currently operate (see “Where can I use LeverID?”).

The app does the rest, by capturing and comparing it with a brief video you upload through your mobile device.

Download the app from Google Play or the AppStore and register today - you’ll be done in under three minutes 🙂

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Future-ready Digital Identity & Signature Platform

Combining a unique cryptographic algorithm with our resilient DualKey™ management, LeverID sets a new industry standard for a robust, secure, and scalable digital authentication and signature service.

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