Why choose LeverID?

Post-Quantum Capable Design

The advent of quantum computing brings new security challenges. With this in mind, LeverID has been tailored to feature quantum capability.

Largely Scalable

Product design and infrastructure configuration enable vast scalability even by utilization of hundreds of millions of users.


Attack-Tolerant and Reliable

LeverID features distributed private key implementation, ensuring no service breaks and reliable defense against threats.


Fast Transaction Speed

Whether it’s authentication or signing, transactions speeds remain consistently swifter than any RSA-based solution.

Ease of Integration

Being technically documented, ease of integration is enabled through API or a software development kit (SDK) for clients wishing to integrate LeverID.

Mobile-First Design

Designed with mobile users in mind, our solution allows our users to effortlessly authenticate and sign from anywhere in the world.

LeverID consists of three components

Server Application & HSM

Mobile Device Application

APIs for Relying Parties

The LeverID solution is especially designed for mobile devices.

A mobile-first approach ensures that users are able to authenticate and digitally sign requests with ease, and on-the-go.

When carrying out authentication processes, both the end-user and the server have independent distributed private keys.

The server and client’s mobile device sign the document or authentication challenge independently with their private keys, providing for robust two-factor authentication.

LeverID in action - Leversign

One of many applications of LeverID comes in the form of Leversign, a platform created for end-users with the aim of making the digital signature process as straightforward and secure as possible for the end-user.

Post-Quantum Capable by Design

Quantum resilience is a quality that RSA encryption lacks today, due to the rate of advancements in quantum computing algorithms designed to brute force these functions.

Conversely, the methods used today in LeverID cryptography are more complex than their RSA predecessors, and were designed with post-quantum capability in mind.

Based on Patent-Pending Technology

LeverID is based on patent-pending technology, thereby forging the path for new industry standards, as well as yielding sustainability.

Designed to comply with
Certificates and Standards

Disclaimer: The certification process is ongoing and certificates are currently pending.

eIDAS - Electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services.

Timestamping - Cryptographic protocol for certifying timestamps using X.509 certificates and public key infrastructure.

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